How to fix samsung smartphone battery after using *#0228#

Alot of people trying to use *#0228#  thinking this code will be fix or charge quickly Samsung smartphone, and that is fact is will damage your phone.
if you used this before and now you see your phone discharge quickly after few minutes, and now you need to charge your phone many times in one days, and maybe your phone's battery is full and just using your camera or flash your battery  discharge up to half. if you want a solution, just read carefully this article.
the best solutions is to change your battery or you can fix a little your battey using this way.
first, let your phone until charge between 15% and 10%
after,  hold power button untill you see this window and choose Airplene mode

After that check this option on Developer options

after that turn everything to off, WiFi 3G Bluetooth, and mute your phone.
after that plug your charger and don't touch your phone and let it charge until 100%
after that, deplug charger and get back options you changed before to normal using.
hope this will  help you, if not just buy another battery and not try this code again.
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how to fix AIRIS N9000 not booting

If you’re having boot problems on your AIRIS , it’s often helpful to repair the system (by format or flash it)
Watch youtube video:
How to fix airis kira n9000 not booting
Download files:
 AIRIS KIRA N9000 - ANDROID 2.3.3 - 2.7T -

Your device not booting still like this
You have to format it
download this files and unzip it

Open the winima folder
Open winimage.exe as administrator
Clik ok
Choice your removable disk
Ofter selecting your disk, choice this one

Close the window
Get out your card

Put the card in TF card place, don't forget the Charger
Boot your device, automaticly will be boot with SD card
with all of the steps

Get out your SD card

Enjoy !!

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